4 Reasons You Should Have A Tutor While in College

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4 Reasons You Should Have A Tutor While in College

Having a tutor can help you get good grades in college, which will boost your chances of landing a job after graduation. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 66% of employers screen applicants by GPA. Furthermore, 58% of employers surveyed said they would be much less likely to hire candidates with less than a 3.0 average. Considering how important maintaining a good GPA is, hiring a tutor can be a helpful financial investment that allows you to gain many benefits along the way.

  1. Access individualized help and cut back on the costs of remedial classes, study guides, and test prep courses.

    Professors can help you during office hours, and classmates can help you during group study sessions, but you might not get the attention you need from them. Professors sometimes work with hundreds of students each semester. They often juggle visitors, phone calls, e-mails, and their own work during office hours. Likewise, study sessions are set up to help the whole group learn. The group can’t always cover what each member needs help with.
    If you need a session focused on helping you understand the course material, a tutor is the way to go. Once you become close to a tutor over several weeks or even semesters, they will better understand how you learn. Then, they will be able to tailor lessons to fit your learning style. Hiring one tutor long-term can save you money when you compare this expense to the high costs of remedial classes, supplemental study guides, and test prep courses.

  2. Boost your grades and improve your odds of winning scholarships.

    Studying hard with your tutor will improve your grades, which is not only great for your future career but can also help you earn scholarships. Remember, many scholarships and grants are available to upperclassmen. Be sure to ask your financial aid office about merit-based scholarships for which you may qualify.

  3. Raise your self-esteem and lift your spirits.

    When you spend hours studying by yourself, it’s easy to get discouraged. If you’re studying a subject that just doesn’t come naturally to you, you may feel like other students have a big advantage. Having a tutor on your side can help you start feeling optimistic again. A good tutor should give you positive, encouraging feedback to keep your spirits up.

  4. Learn at an efficient pace and free up time for a part-time job or internship.

    Again, the problem with seeking help from a professor during office hours or a going to a peer study group is that they may not be able to teach you at your own speed. You might understand some material slowly, while quickly grasping other topics. A tutor can work with you at your pace so that you never feel rushed or bored. These more focused study periods can help you budget your time better, leaving more room for a part-time job or internship to help keep your college debt down.

    You may be wondering if the cost of a tutor might cancel out the long-term financial benefits. Chances are, it won’t. Many schools offer free tutoring at an on-campus tutoring center. Hiring a private tutor can also be inexpensive. Check your school’s bulletin boards and campus newspaper classifieds for ads. You will probably find students at your university who tutor part-time at low rates. If you don’t find what you need, post your own ads seeking a tutor, and don’t be afraid to mention your price limit. Ask around at your academic department, too.

    If you excel at certain subjects, you might even be able to get free tutoring, a big financial plus. At many colleges, students swap tutoring services with each other. For example, say you need help with calculus, but already aced French grammar. You may be able to find a math major struggling through their foreign language requirement and trade favors. If you like this idea, post an ad and see what responses you receive. 

    In short, if you think you could use extra academic help, there are plenty of reasons to seek a tutor today. The time and money you spend now will benefit you later. Remember, working with a tutor can be cheap or even free, and will help you get the most out of your college experience.

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